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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Out of curiosity, how many songs were you able to fit on the 64G drive?
This is a little off topic, but I have a 64gb flash drive. I used it and I still have space but it contains:

All of our super8 films that were transferred to DVD format. 1973 - 1991
3 DVD's worth (6 hours). I added audio and titles to them.

I have another 4 VHS tapes of footage from my brothers graduation, my graduation, my wedding and our wedding party. (8 hours)

2550 600 DPI photos from 1975 - 2003 (5.4gb)
2622 Digital photos from 2004 - 2012 (6.3gb)

Some random other photos like a few of my parents in 1967, and I still have 24gb free.

I find that simply amazing that I have been able to fit pretty much my whole lifes moments on a 64gb flash drive.

When you ask how many files you can fit on there. Based on this you can easily go over the 10,000 file limit.
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