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I remember reading a few different stories about the new SRT8 Challengers (when first launched) people paid 20K over sticker just to "have it"

My dad looked at one (old mopar guy at heart) but the local dealer wanted 10k over sticker. No thanks.

I was in the same boat when the new VW R32s came out. Totally different car than what VW released before - AWD, biggest engine, all the luxuries of an Audi etc. 32k sticker hard to find one locally for under 35.

Waited 6 months and found 3 in Chicago for 26k OTD.

I have said before I expect the Z/28 to have a few thousand built and sold. If this is a car that makes it to dealer lots as a halo car there will be some sitting come fall of 2014. At that point I can see them being let go under MSRP.

Just have to play the waiting game. (and believe that this car will not be that limited)
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