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Originally Posted by ClaymoreZ28 View Post
All subjective really - but I personally dont like the direction and am very happy with my 2010 which as my 13 year old daughter said "looks more like a muscle car" than new designs being discussed

I would have viewed the separate tail lights on earlier designs as a chevrolet design theme across the product lines

I do see parallels with the Mustang which started off as a fine looking retro-futuristic model in 2005 and has deteriorated to looking a bit of a dogs dinner in recent years as designers have wrestled with making it look a little bit different every year

General issue is the marketing need to keep visual differentiation and to help keep the range "fresh" year to year which I understand - but which can drive some strange change for sake of change (or for sake of fashion)

Just like with humans - too much plastic surgery can make someone look like a caricature of themselves

Ultimately I am just happy to see Camaro as a brand continue to be strong. What a turnaround in such a short time from an extinct brand to an entire line up of models

What do you mean?
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