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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Methinks you have to look a little past the two words "less appealing" and read all of "less appealing to most buyers". There's a significant difference.

The Z/28 is a car for a clearly defined, hardcore niche. I'm guessing that in many cases, part of the reason for buying it will be because it does not try to be anything else. You either like it for what it isn't as well as for what it is, or you need to be looking at something else.

Dunno, maybe it's easier to see this when you don't even think like the average mainstream car buyer. Most buyers would not find cars that are specifically equipped to appeal to me very appealing for themselves. I'm not making any distinctions among daily-drivers, weekend/trip cars, and toys here.


Yes I understand all was purpose built with great focus. If it being purpose built makes it less inclusive it's not to persuade socalled buyers to NOT purchase. It's to appeal to buyers understanding its intent. My original comments were based on the following remark, "the reason they wanted to make it less appealing to most buyers". Manufacturers do not design and build anything to make it less anyone...
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