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Originally Posted by Greenlantern99 View Post
I am a soon-to-be LFX A6 owner and I will be spraying it with the Ny-Trex Triple system. I understand just about all there is to know about nitrous except:

1.) How should I handle shifting with the WOT switch? Don't you have to let off the juice when you shift? And if so, how? Do you cut the arming switch off since you shouldn't let off the gas for shifting?
If i'm not mistaken, with an automatic, you are WOT between shifts. the throttle body is open through every gear and between shifts. kind of like power shifting with a manual. so there's no worries about letting off on nitrous between shifts. Just mash the gas and go! ps, window switch is recommended.

2.) Should I go to a colder plug with 100 shot? If so, what is the recommended plug? Will the colder plugs affect fuel milage or performance when I am not spraying? Keep in mind this will be a daily driver.
NGK LTR7IX -11 6510 iridum is what I believe everyone is running, that has nitrous. me included, when I had it. I had no problems daily driving my car.

3.) Recommend fuel octane? Should my tank only contain the higher octane fuel when I spray or can it be mixed?
I would only put in the highest octane fuel.

4.) Can I route the bottle pressure guage to driver's view? Reccomended bottle pressure?
never got to this stage before I traded in my car. lol but i'm pretty sure you can do that. good luck!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for looking.
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