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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post

With the weakest guy on the planet we'll get to no vertical movement with hand tight. With a body builder or professional tech (Popeye arms) we'll end up with four or five mm of pre-compression on the fronts. Either way we get to the desired goal of a minimum pre-compression. This is not all that different from your method to set the pre-compression as there will be variation in the way people measure.

What is mission critical is that we have a minimum of 10mm pre-compression in the rear and 2mm in the front and use the monotube to adjust height. If we end up with 12 and 4 or 11 and 5 we are good to go and light years ahead of the inconsistent installations being done in the field. Based on the tech inquiries we get, we have 10% of Pedders Xa and Supercar coilovers installations using the lower coil seat for ride height adjustment
I challenge you to a coil over install throw-down

;-) Just kidding JP
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