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Originally Posted by bannonm View Post
Well 5 days before the Heidts Performance Challenge and I finished the brake ducts. It's been a busy weekend. Here's what the final product looks like. I will probably make some tweaks after it's track tested, but for now it will have to do.

Some changes to my original design. I didn't use the exhaust couplers. Instead I bought aluminum bulkhead connectors and riveted them to the dust shield. After thinking about it, trying to weld galvanized steel to painted steel probably wasn't the smartest thing.

If I were doing this again, I would probably go with 2 inch duct instead of 2-1/2. It would have helped with the clearance between the control arms and with routing.

I used a velcro like tape to grab the duct. I felt this would grip the duct better than ty-wraps that would eventually dig into the duct. I used ty-wraps to secure the velcro to the control arms. Using velcro will also help me make some last minutes changes to the duct routing if necessary without having to cut off the ty-wraps.

Passenger side looking from the back to the front bumper

Driver's side looking from bumper towards the back

Driver's side shot again
Well done sir. Very well done.
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