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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
That is a good question, seems alot of M6's trannies are breaking on the site. Most from clutch dumps. Use the search button it is your friend.
I tried the search already, but found nothing conclusive as to the specifics of my question.

Originally Posted by camaro_corvette View Post
The few reports of broken M6's on this site is pale in comparison to the amount of M6's that are working just fine out in the real world.
Those that I found with broke M6 tranny's I would agree are in the vast minority. I have also heard from a guy who literally drove his stock Camaro 24 miles from the dealer and the rear end broke on him.

These are not what I would expect to be regular occurances, or anything I'd worry about especially for a stock, or even lightly modified new Camaro. However thats not what I am talking about.

I am wanting to know how much RWHP is too much, on the more highly modified end. Specifically, if I get a new Camaro, I want to boost it. I know what I need to do to the LS3 to make it boost friendly. That is not really a big deal. However there are no real aftermarket trannys and rears available yet for the 5th gen, and I need to know if they will be able to withstand the power level I am looking for (750-800 RWHP).

Anyone know how much abuse they can really take on a consistant basis before something is expected to break?
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