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Lol, good question. I have been tuning ls cars for about 9 -10 years. I was a service manager at a large volume marine dealership and worked there for over 11 years. Over the first 8 years I tuned probably 500 vehicles just as side work, but I have been the go to guy in Arkansas for a while. About 2 years ago, Aaron, the fixed operations director and myself started talking about me joining the team. After about a year of talk, we made it happen. So I started at GPI a little over a year ago.

Our dealership has a performance division in house and I basically do all the calibration work for them dyno and street. I do all the Camaro builds, and about half of the vette builds. I also tune ford and dodge product as well as full on build with them too.

But first and foremost, I am lsx to the bone.

My car is my personal daily driver, that I owned before I started there. It isn't a shop car, I buy my parts, and do all my own work and tuning obviously. So it may make sense to more people now why my car is running like it
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