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Originally Posted by fldrummer View Post
How easy was it to bend the bracket and what did you use? Just a couple pairs of pliers or did you need a vice? This sounds like the approach I would take. I tried reaching for that firewall end clamp and it does not look like something I'd want to pull a muscle dealing with.
The bracket is easy to bend, being that it is not too thick. I didn't use anything but my hands. Once the bracket (along with the new clutch reservoir) are attached and screwed in, I simply bent the bracket towards the firewall as much as possible (until the cap of the new reservoir touched the side of the stock brake reservoir). It doesn't take an extreme amount of force to bend it with your hands.

Originally Posted by CHMSC View Post
You don't need to bend the bracket. I installed mine just fine. I used a pair of pliers to reach the clamp at the fire wall. The best thing for working on cars is a steady hand and patience.
Correct, you don't NEED to bend the bracket. I did so mainly because with my left shoulder injury I wasn't able to get to the firewall clamp on the stock clutch line. However, it turned out to be what I wanted in the first place...which is to use the stock clutch line.

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