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Originally Posted by Jericho View Post
I have to say that finding these tires in the sizes I needed felt like winning a race or and award. I didn't really do anything special but it just made me happy to know that I could get these awsome shoes for my ride in the correct sizing.
Besides the fact that they offer extremely excellent wet and dry handeling performance. Which you can check easily enough without knowing a lot about tires on Nitto's website. It's in a graphic format. Would you believe I'm also a Engineering student. I understand more and more now how people just don't get what you do but make what they do look like magic. An have them look at you pretty much the same way.
Crap!!!! I'm growing up.

Anyway, here's a 3/4 pic of the tires. I also really like the tread pattern.
What tire brand is this - Any specs?

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