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The car will not be a bargain at 92K or over. That would be inflated. And, if it's anywhere in the ZR1 price range..., then it will be limited in production for sure because you will find very few willing to spend that kind of money on a Camaro. Corvette is another matter, and then you would expect those with the buying means to trade up to the C7. Price does matter here alot, because of the choices available. Model loyalty will have only so much to factor in. This, like the ZL1, will be a upscale toy for most. Probably the same percentage will be raced between the two. I am sure the same value factor that we have seen with the ZL1 will be appreciated with the Z-28, as it will likely outperform those in it's class costing far more. So, in that sense..., it's worth more than it's price,'s still a Camaro at the end of the day, and theres addition through subtraction incorporated into it. The big trick pony here are the DSSV dampers. Helical cut rear axle gears is the other, so what's the engineering and development costs for those...otherwise nothing really grounbreaking or new in involved. Carbon ceramic brakes have been used on the 'Vette has the LS7...basically off the shelf program available parts. R&D with a group of dedicated engineers to put all the ingrediants together and make it work seemlessly is the other price factored in. I just don't see this Mouse that roared bringing in a King's ransome. Look at all Chevy went through to bring in a more complicated project like the ZL1 and what it MSRP's for as a comparison. Theres stuff already done through the ZL1 and 1LE development that is carrying over into the Z-28. It's an amalgomation of those two plus a dose of new technology.
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