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Originally Posted by sho928 View Post
Regarding emissions certification.

If the Z28 is having difficulties passing current standards, would the in place technology for the C7 not be readily be available (it would require a modification of the cylinder head casting to include direct injection)?

I can imagine with the huge ports; intake velocity is too low at idle to fully atomize fuel with a port injection set up.

Direct injection and variable valve timing will clean up idle emissions (they do it for 9000-rpm Ferrari and Porsche).

As you all know; valve/port sizing and cam timing optimized for producing power at high rpm will compromise low speed running or idle, hence all super car manufacturers have the direct injection and variable valve timing in their tool box

Watch for the LT DI version of the LS7 in the Z06 or ZR1

Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
I don't see how they would be having difficulties passing emissions standards since the motor is the same that was used in the Z06 and for the Special Edition 427 convertible corvette.
Read on...

Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
...Alright, what's the big panic all about over here? could they be testing a car at Nurburgring with an engine that doesn't pass emissions for production?....I read the posts, didn't quite get the gist of what's going
You know as much or more as I do.

Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
I think if these circumstances were better understood by everyone, it wouldn't cause so much angst as to why an LS7 is just "dropped in" as an available option for other models of Camaros....just sayin'....
The LS7 production motor installed in the Vettes was under some type of agreement, emissions waiver or exception for limited volume vehicles. The Z/28 is the beneficiary of the 'left over' motor waivers or exceptions or actual motors. To me that means the Z/28 is a limited production vehicle, because the number of 'exempted' motors available is limited.

That is also the source of the confusion. If they are building Z/28 LS7 motors through October, they are not 'surplus' Vette motors sitting on a shelf in a warehouse. IF and I do mean IF the motors are actually left over surplus Vette motors sitting in a warehouse that COULD mean the Z/28 delivers at a lower MSRP. If by 'left over' or 'surplus' we are talking about the paperwork for the emissions exemption and the motors are being built right now then the cost of the LS7 going into the Z/28 is the same as the cost of the LS7s that went into the Corvette.

Hib and Tom are very well connected. They say the Z/28 motors are being built as I type. They are most likely correct and my tea leaves lied to me. Or not.

So how many Z/28s will they build? Great question. I wish I could do a poll within this thread. How many Z/28s will be bought?

How many Z/28s will be sold with a MSRP of $59,999

How many Z/28s will be sold with a MSRP of $69,999

How many Z/28s will be sold with a MSRP of $74,999

How many Z/28s will be sold with a MSRP of $79,999

I can create scenarios for pricing across this range with the variables being the cost of key components and the business case for the Z/28. Warehoused engines would be a requirement to hit the $59,999. My post is nothing more than reading tea leaves influenced by spurious bits of information, gossip and the position of the moon in relation to the alignment of Jupiter and Mars.
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