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Originally Posted by DuskSS View Post
This is a brand new 4k old 13.
No damage at all and under warranty except powertrain of course.
I would not have the resources to do any of this.
Dealer or a shop would have to check.

Screw it time to pedderize with the pace car pack.

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Pace Car Pac Plus

The coilover stack is a bit different when using our new Dual Bearing Camber Plates. Discard the gold tone washer supplied with your Pedders coilovers. All you'll use in the assembly stack are the bumpstop, boot, plastic coil insulator, lower spring perch with banded thurst bearing, the camber plate and special nut supplied with the camber plate.

The assembled coilover with dual bearing camber plate looks like this from the side.

And this from the top.

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