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1st.Thread. 2013 1LE Here's The Story!!!

2013 1LE and I have been private messaging as we were having the same problem with our front spoilers separating from the body by the front tires.
Got my 2013 RS 1LT April 3rd. Ordered it Jan 13. 10 days later I noticed the separation from the body.Hmmph!! Phone dealer make appointment to fix. Fix lasts 1 week Make another appointment fixed but they SCRATCHED the fender above the spoilersaid that they buffed it out best they could!! I lose it at the dealer. I drive home and the spoiler is already separated by the time I get home Contact GM customer service and explain my situation. I fixed the scratch with Quixx polishing kit!!! Dealer boss phones me to apologize and make a Tuesday appointment. I meet the autobody manager, turns out he fixed my 70.5 RS 14 years ago when he worked at an autobody shop in my town!! That time my car was sideswiped by a Jackass in a motorhome. That repair was flawless! We sit down and he lays out his idea: Attach a plastic J clip bolt to the spoiler, drill a hole in the fascia so the bolt can go thru, and a plastic locknut to close it up. He roughed up the bolt and the area on the spoiler, used Fusor 142 adhesive, drilled thru fascia, attached nut. So far so good. Dealer-Don Folk Chevrolet Kelowna B.C. Canada apologizes with:
Camaro jacket and ballcap and 4-100 dollar gas cards!! It's been 9 days, so I think it's fixed!! I have suggested this fix should become a TSB as We can't be the only ones with this problem!! Sorry for the long post!
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