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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Don't mean to intrude, but this is a really good question, think I'm going to wait a couple of days and ask the same question of ZL1's on that forum.

I don't really know the in's of the car business, but how many 1LE's is a dealer going to order without a buyer lined up. Personally, if I was shopping for a SS and didn't know about the 1LE and walked into a dealership and saw a 1LE I would suddenly be very interested in that car. Quite in fact honestly I love to have one sitting next to my ZL1, seriously, swap out every other day, but I'm too poor for that kind of nonsense

I oredered mine back in Dec. finally went to TPW 2/4 and was born on 2/6. Mine is the only on I have seen in my area. When I went to order mine I had to tell the sales person what a 1LE was. SMH. They didnt know what I was talking about till I showed them the build sheet I did online and brought to them. After we ordered it they asked me if I wanted to become a sales person.
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