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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
Contrary to others post saying that this might be a track purposed trans, the trans is not geared for track usage if the 6th is a 0.50. That is a "save gas" gear that wont be usable for top speed. so much for "no compromise." So top speed is not gear ratio limited, but is limited to power versus wind resistance. a case of enough balls to push that brick any faster. They should have given the car a true close ratio with 6 usable gears if it was a "no compromise car"
The 2014 Z-28 transmission information is listed through Chevy media. This may or may not be what will arrive in the car at time of production. In reality, this is not a true no compromise car. It's a production body stripped of a few non essentials to shed weight. It is using alot of items previously used on other production Camaro and Corvette vehicles. There are a few new engineered things incorporated into it, like the DSSV dampers, helical cut rear axle gears, thinner rear window glass, and CAI intake. I wonder what the RPM is at 186 MPH in high gear for the ZL1 when the fuel shuts off and limits the big end. The ZL1 has 3.73 rear axle gears. The Z-28 and the 1LE have 3.91. gears. Using the existing 1-4 tranny gearing through all 3 models seems to be a compromise no doubt. However, the car may not be power limited and it will pull in 6th up to whatever limit they place on it. Since it's a street production/track vehicle like the ZL1, it surely will be speed limited up top. So, the OD gears are probably cut a tad bit higher in the Z-28/1LE TR6060 to compensate for the lower final drive ratio and won't constrict the brick like cars with lesser HP and TQ would be affected. Plus, don't forget the Z-28 has 19" square rubber that will lower the gearing a bit more.
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