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Originally Posted by Jims Mongoose View Post
Hey guys, quick question. I'm trading up to a 1LE from my V6. The 1LE I found is black 2SS with no RS. A few questions.

Can they remove the hood wrap and is the normal paint underneath? I like it better.

Without the RS it will be missing the Halogen lights, correct? Are the taillights also different? Can dealer just install the Halogens and replace tailights?

Any other differences without the RS?

Question about wheels. Can wheels be stripped of black paint and what will be underneath?

Look, I know by now you think I'm nuts. I love the 1LE feel when I drive it, the close ratio gearbox, the handling etc. I'm not in love with the all black look and black wheels.

Has anyone else have a 1LE that doesn't have black wheels or no flat black hood?


Included a picture of my current 2LT to show you the look I like.
1LE hood has the normal paint job under the wrap. Just peel the vinyl.
This is what they will look like stripped. Check with local wheel shops about blasting off the paint and polishing. They can chrome them if you want.
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