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Pricing aside, I think in time the Z/28, built as it will be, will be the absolute pride of the entire Camaro community and all Camaro owners....

Right now, we're all just imagining what it would be like to own one...But really?
Once the dust settles, and these cars are out, common sense will prevail and most will realize that these cars aren't what they thought they would be, and will be content that it wasn't a good, or practical idea to actually own one anyhow.

The vast majority want and take for granted cars with creature comforts, mpgs, no maintenance, and low-sticker price....Probably will be a giant up-roar at the price on the Z/28 when it is known, that will be a fun, easy target for most who can then say they don't want one, when really they wouldn't be happy with the car at any price.

This car is a totally unique set-up and for a niche buyer...All good...It's still a Gen5 Camaro....just "purpose-built"....Enjoy it, whether you're a buyer or not!...
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