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Wheel/Tire protection plan

Here it comes...beating a dead horse.

Anywho, Monday I ran over a screw and it cost me $462. Not really pleased, but if I were to have the $520 protection plan, it'd be free. I went ahead and purchased the plan today because it covers the wheels AND tires for the next 5 years, and you'll regain the money just after 1 tire. So why am I making this thread?

I want to know everyones opinion on whether it's still worth it. Trust me, I'm the biggest penny pincher there is. I didn't want anything extra that could possibly profit the dealer. It even took me a month to negotiate a trade with the dealer so they didn't make too much money off my car. (Paid $39,xxx for $44,500 car).

With tires like ours(soft), do you think purchasing a plan protecting you from the dreaded roads is worth it.(Maybe it's because of the crappy roads on the border of Mexico?)
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