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Originally Posted by JohnnyBfromPeoria View Post
Speed limiter should have been removed in the IPF tune supplied when the supercharger kit was installed, so I don't understand that part.
Can only tell you as to what I see. The speed limiter was 134mph, as clear as day on the DIC.

And could you explain what the idea is with doing this, please? Are you taking a LFX-equipped, IPF-S/C'd car with their tune, then loading your own tune and comparing it? I assume that's what's being done, but you're leaving some details out.

John B.
The idea of doing this is that we can custom tailor the supercharged or any applications to suite. Remember when dealing with mail order/canned tunes there is only so much someone can do and make sure that every kit is reliable & safe. We can custom tailor in some fine-tuning to see what additional gains can be had.

This has nothing to do with IPF, etc. tunes being inferior, but remember the canned tunes have to work for all applications. Same thing with all the other supercharger kits for V6 or V8s, their tuning is not bad that they provide, I just never use their tuning because I go hands-on myself. So yes, every 2012+ LFX car that comes in here we recommend the ONLY properly setup forced induction kit (IPF), tailored with our custom tuning. Just as if you bought a Vortech, ECS, Magnacharger, Whipple,etc. from us, we would go hands-on and custom tune it.

Don't read into this as anyone bashing anyone, just trying to educate everyone that the custom tailored application we can gain some additional power.
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