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Originally Posted by BDBiker View Post
My '02 got drizzled on 2 times in the 10 years that I had it. I never drove it in the rain the entire time I had it and the engine bay looked like it had just came off the assembly line when I sold it. The guy that bought it said that I must have spent a lot of time detailing the engine compartment for it to look that good, and I told him that I had never driven the car in the rain and never detailed the engine compartment. I really enjoyed that car but when I sold it I realized that a lot of time that I could have enjoyed driving it was missed because I didn't want to take the chance of it getting any rain on it. I am the same way with my bikes.
I have promised myself that when the '13 gets here, that I am going to enjoy it more and not be so anal about keeping it immaculate like I did the last one. I also have a '98 Twin Turbo Supra I bought new for my wife that would past for showroom condition today, doesn't have 70K miles yet.

In short, I know where you are coming from, but I think we cheat ourselves out of some of the fun that our toys could give us if we were not so anal about perfection.
Excellent points. Thanks for a great post! Puts things in perspective.
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