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I'm truly sorry that you had to go through this experience. It's difficult when you put your trust into something and then that trust level gets broken. It's been a lot of people's experience that you should NEVER trust a dealer until you have developed a solid relationship of trust with that dealer over a period of time. People are fallible (make mistakes) and it seems to run rampant at dealerships.

Your experience should serve as a basis for setting standards when you want your car serviced. You should always do a walk-around with a supervisor after your car is serviced to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the work that was done and what they did to remedy the situation. Keep records of the work that was performed. If you notice something out of place at the dealership, take a picture with your phone camera, everybody has one nowadays.

In regards to the dealership, I would continue to reach the owner and voice your dissatisfaction with the level of service and respectful treatment you received at his dealership. Also, call GM customer service and speak to a Regional Supervisor and tell them your story. If your vehicle is still in need to have issues resolved, I would look into getting another dealership that would be happy to earn your business. Keep plugging away and eventually you will get satisfaction.

One more thing, that deal with the oil service sounds like they got off cheap, they'll spend something like $150 for parts and labor for 2 oil changes and you had to spend $2000 for tires. That don't sound like a fair tradeoff.
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