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Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 View Post
I actually love the white rally stripes. When i first got the car i wanted to change them to black because it just wasnt my ideal color combo, but they really grew on me overtime. I still wanted that aggressive badass look with the blackouts on the car but also keep it classy with the white rallys on top. In my opinion at least i feel like the white gives the car a well balanced look. From an artists standpoint, the black being a dark color keeps everything feeling bottom heavy and the white on top keeps everything balanced. Im not sure if that makes sense at all

No it definitely makes sense! IMO its one of the cleanest looking camaros on this site... the white creates a great balance especially with the gills... I was just curious because of all the blackouts youve done to the car!

she is definitely a neckbreaker though!
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