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Originally Posted by Col. Brain View Post
Seeing how the C7 Z51 is under 54k, I do not think I could justify the Z/28 at much more than 60k

But this is my personal opinion
I agree with you 10,000%. Z28 or not, the Corvette is more prestigous car by far. Not to mention the cool factor. And we all know the flagship car is the Corvette. Therefore, I wouldn't buy a Camaro for what I could get a Vette for. The new C7 Vette will be a hair under $60k. That's almost like saying you'd buy a Corvette for what you could get a Ferrari 458 for. But, like you's just my opinion. But, there will be some poor soul who's willing to spend upwards of $70k on one just to say he has one.

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