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Originally Posted by '12chevycam View Post
Well it all started about 6 months ago. I purchased my car from a dealer and took it in a week later to have a bouncing issue looked at. I have a 2012 chevy camaro 2LT V6 RS package. One of the mechanics went for a ride with me to see what I was issuing. We arrived back at the dealer and the assumed the rear shocks needed to be replaced because they were "froze up" according to the mechanic. They ordered the shocks and called me a week later to bring the car in. I took it in and they had it for 24 hours. GM paid for a rental but I had to pay for insurance through Enterprise because I am not older that 25. When I picked my car up the next day, I drove it home.(45 miles) When I got home I took it to wash it. I noticed that my driver side wheels had huge scar marks from where it look like it got curbed. There was also a huge chunk missing out of one of the tires. I immediately called the dealer and they wanted me to bring it back in. I then drove another 45 miles back to the dealer. They refused to pay for the damages saying they cannot prove if it was like that or not when I brought it in. I drove home and called GM customer service. After several calls back and forth between GM and RANDY REED CHEVROLET IN SAINT JOSEPH, MO, the dealer finally agreed to replace one wheel and one tire(which they took off a car on the lot). I was satisfied even though they left me with one wheel still messed up. The bouncing issue still wasn't fixed so after being a little skeptical on whether or not to take it back to RANDY REED(closest dealer), I finally gave in and took it back. Another mechanic rode with me again and he said that it doesn't ride any different than any other camaro and that the tires need to be replaced. I was very aggravated because my car only had 15,000 miles on it and the tires already need replaced???!! So I call GM because according to the 3year/36000mile warranty "every thing is covered including the tires". GM called the dealer and the Service Manager Jeff Webb stated that it was normal wear and tear. At 15,000 miles??!! So GM said they would compensate me with something like ONSTAR OR A PROTECTION PLAN. I spent $2000 and replaced all 4 tires and GM sent me a PROTECTION PLAN which covers oil and oil filers and labor for 1 year or 15000 miles. So on 5/8/13 I took the car back To RANDY REED to have it serviced for free with the protection plan. I also had an issue with the dash bubbling right above the radio like everyone else is having, and the radio face is so scratched up you can barely see the radio. I researched here and found that there are TSBs out for both issues. I get with the service advisor and tell them what's going on. He writes the work order, and I give him the TSB #s that I can find for both issues. I leave, and I am gone for 10 minutes. The service advisor calls me and tells me that I need to come back because there are a couple things he needs to talk to me about. I get back and he tells me that per the service manager JEFF WEBB, they are not gonna touch my car, not even service it because they cannot keep me happy, and I call GM every time I'm in there. He advises that I need to find a new dealer because they are not gonna help me any more. I was kinda in shock as I got in my car and drove off. I have tried contacting the owner of the dealership and his name is RANDY REED out of KANSAS CITY, MO. He has yet to return my phone calls, and I have only been able to talk to his assistant.
I was kinda dumb founded that they refused to do anything to my car considering it is still under warranty. And I have only had my car in there 3-4 times and only called GM once about the dealer trying to leave me with over $1000 in damage. The second time I called GM was about the warranty and not the dealer. Anyone would of done the same thing I did, but now the dealer is refusing to touch my car. And telling me that I need to find a new dealer.


I am terribly sorry to read about what you described. We want our customers to feel welcome and enjoy their vehicles to a great degree! Please send me a message with the following information:

-Full name
-Phone number
-Actual mileage

I definitely would like to look into these matters further for you.

Kindest regards,

William R.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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