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Another 2012 Camaro LFX Twin Turbo is complete!

Hey Camaro5, we just finished a member's 2012 V6 and wanted to share our build. This car kind of "landed" at our shop through a mishap with another shop. We usually build race cars and "street" cars so this is a change of pace for us. The customer wanted to daily drive the car with 91octane and make 400RWHP

Here is a quick run down on the setup:

All stock 2012 LFX except a ported throttle body
Custom Super Unknown Race Cars Twin Turbo kit (coated black)
Twin 52mm Precision Turbos
Custom SURC front mount intercooler kit (coated black)
ZL1 Intank Fuel pump
SS Rear cradle swap with upgrades
Custom SURC tune

At ~10psi we ended up with 425-RWHP / 350-RWTQ and I must say it is really a different car all together. It left on the transporter yesterday and the owner has not even driven it yet, so I thought this might torture him a little more

Dyno Video :
Another Dyno:
Attached Images
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