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Originally Posted by mcdoogle6969 View Post
Hi guys, I'm currently waiting on a D1 for my build I recently had a 2.8L Kenne Bell but I sold it.

With a built 416 stroker (factory block, eagle kit + JRE blower cam, L99 to LS3 conversion kit, ARP hardware, ect) and all the supporting mods needed...Anywho, through a A6 what power numbers should I see running boost levels around 12psi? Could I push the motor past that?

I'm just anxious to find out but the wait is killing me, parts need to show up NAO!!
Is your trans still stock?

What fuel system? What's in the eagle kit?

I would say at 12 psi you'll be close to 650 rwhp. A6 sucks some rwhp up.
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