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Originally Posted by Nutbutt View Post
This is the biggest worry I have with the LLT. I have used full synth from day 1 changing the oil every 4K but from what I am seeing this won't prevent the chain from eventually failing. I'm at 48K right now and I now find myself waiting for the CEL to come on
I changed my out to Mobil 1 after 500 miles or so. My oil was always changed at around 5k. Mine went at 35k miles or so. I really wish people would stop with the
Only use full syn in the 3.6 if you want long life out of the timing chains.
. When I told the dealer I was going to change over to Mobil1 he said I would be wasting my money. I guess in a way he was right
They claimed it is an upgraded chain. Who really knows......
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