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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post

“We also set the team on a mission to put the car on a diet, and have set a goal to take at least 100 pounds out of the standard SS, which is more than 300 pounds lighter than a ZL-1. We are not done yet, but we have already met our goal of removing at least 100 pounds from the car.

CHC: Speaking again of power-to-weight ratio as sort of that all-mighty watermark of performance, are there any other ways that Chevrolet could see shaving weight from the Z/28 in the future models?

AO: “Absolutely, as I mentioned, our goal was 100 pounds and have already exceeded that.

We’re approximately a year away from bringing it into production, so we’re not done yet. We are always looking for lightweight materials.
Awesome stuff 2nd Chance! Thanks for posting!

And...incredible effort Mr. Al Oppenheiser- thank you for this car. Having lived in the Porsche world for years, I see what you've done and I can't wait to thrash this bad boy on track as an owner. The spec shows this is real, not marketing. Thank you for not patronizing us trackers. The brakes show you are real.

I have three words for you in regards to the rest of the weight optimization: "Akropovic titanium exhaust". Headers back, 300 cell cats. Make it an option if you have to because it's another $9000 or so at your cost and the whiners on here will go nuts. Worth every penny. Do it. That is the final "oh holy sh*t" piece of the package. Whiners- just shut up and sit back and watch as GM (G f'ing M?) does a track car right from the factory.

Personally I look forward to spanking some GT3 ass at the track.

That is all. Carry on.
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