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So here goes, i have 7 coming in a week, ones there here it will take 3-4 days to make all the box's up, need to cut wood and then strap them in the box and so on, its fun moving 90lb diffs, price is as before.

i am making a list i will pm you ones there here for payment, if your not ready please say so as i will only hold the spot for 24 hr., then will move to the next guy, i want to help you all out but its not fair to hold one here for a long time.

and there may be more in time i dont know.

1: CoolStoryBro
2: PatsSS
3: Jim Burke
4: Niznos
5: csmith4153
7: Quasar Z
9: eclipsen
10: Seeya
11: Omaha
12: LED Crazy

This is the list as of now.
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