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Originally Posted by silveradolt View Post
Do you collect comic books and Pokemon cards?
Welcome to Camaro5, buddy! If you don't like my car you better not spend too much time looking around these build threads! Lights are everywhere!

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
If you're calling him a nerd, then Im proud to call myself one. His car is so bad ass
Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Hey don't listen to the comment haters gonna hate your car is my favorite ZL1 by far
Thanks guys! I am not too worried about some comments from a guy that joined Camaro5 2 days ago and doesn't even own a Camaro!

Just yesterday I was attending a show at a local Chevy dealership and I was asked by management if I did professional installs on custom lighting because they had Camaro customers ask for them all the time! Ha! I must be doing something right!
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