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Might be getting a 1le in the coming weeks!

Reason= I have a 2012 mustang v6 and i have had it with the trans. I hear a lot of mustang guys go oh im goign to swap in a t56 magnum, which I hear is the same as the tr6060. So I came here to this forum exactly to ask specific questions for the 1le.
1. how is it as a daily, from the looks of it, it seems pretty good.
2. mainly how is the trans, in this section i dont see much on it besides the one thread. Has chevy fixed the issue or has a fix for it? or a tsb?
3. how heavy is the clutch?
4. how is the blind spots, i remember the v6 sitting in it it was horrendous, but do you get used to it
5. how is it on the track, personal experience not oh randy pobst said it is great.
6. I am cross shopping a track package gt, any other reasons to stick with the camaro
7. oh how is the dual mode exhaust?
thanks all!
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