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Tag's Little Garage Renovation

Let me start by saying that I know this isn't some gigantor super duper bad ass man cave garage with lifts and every tool known to man. But, it's just a small renovation that's been a long time coming for me.

Walls were dirty w/ holes in the drywall. Ceiling was never painted. Dim overhead lights couldn't light up the garage at all and made it impossible to see anything when working on the car at night. Shelves were tiny, warping, and couldn't hold as much as I wanted. Lawn mower and other garden crap was getting in the way and had to be taken out. Just lots of little things that were annoying which could have been better.

So we got to work.

Painted the garage (to match the car).

Removed the dual overhead lights and put in 3 light sets....4 lights per set at 5k lumes each light tube. 60k lumens in all...brighter than anything I've ever had and holy CRAP is it perfect for working on the car at night.

Took down all the wooden shelves that I fabricated which held all they could. I replaced them with new metal shelves and now have more space than I need.

I put up some pictures, the litho...and have more that I'm putting together.

Pretty much the only thing I have left is to paint the garage floor with the Rustoleum sealant stuff. I'll get to acid washing and painting soon. But here's what we've gotten done so far.
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