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hood wrap cleaning and detailing my success story!

first off let me start off with i know this has been talked about extensively here but i am so satisfied with the results that i expierienced i had to share.
so it started off like any other friday in my garage BSing decided to take a drive to the beach it just down the road so i loaded up took the wildcat for a scenice beach cruise noticed she was quite dirty and sandy not to mention the pollen on the hood. so i stopped sprayed her off gave her a nice easy simple bath just to tremove the crap from the drive. well i get home pull her in and of course the hood looks like garbage so i remembered that i had received my adams VRT stuff in the mail so i figured what the hell i popped the hood to allow to cool down and grabbed a new sponge.
my first step was a just put about 4 lines spaced evenally down the hood and started rubbing it in using small circular patterns and it looked ok after a few min still had some spots and lines well i just kept rubbing in the Adams and after about 6- 8 minutes it was really looking good no spots no lines super clean it looked better than it did when i bought it i know my remedy now for sure .
Be sure to allow hood to cool or do it in the shade i wouldnt think it would work as good it would dry to quick IMO ...pic doesnt due it justice
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