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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
So just over 400rwhp. Very nice!

I'm guessing that 390HP is at the engine, and not rear wheel torque?

Those rims look very big and heavy, and so I'm surprised it was able to make that much power on the dyno.

Thanks for sharing!
Hi !

The TRQ is FLYWHEEL Torque 390 LbFt / 565 Nm !

Our singel Drum TAT Dyno System dont care RIM weight or size .... we are doing a positive power dynorun until REDLINE and direct on the fly a dynorollout to measure the negative gearbox ... wheel and transloss power...

So with diffrent gears and rims the positive power at the wheels is diffrent .. but the power loss measurement afterwarts is doing its Job and the FLYWHEEL values are ALL same .. if you use 18" or 22"" rims .. if you are using gear 3 4 5 .. all diffrent WHEELPOWER ... but SAME Flywheel power and flywheel TRQ !

to measure ONLY the Wheel power / torque is nothing to compare diffrent cars on diffrent dynos ... toooo much Variation in the used gear and rims !

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