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Originally Posted by el ess X View Post
Depends on what happens...if they limit the '14 1LE, or if people don't like it so well as to limit the number needed, then the '14 might be the last of the 1LE, being dropped for '15, and then the '14 would be a one-year only design and be more rare in comparison to the '13. I think there will be more '14's purchased by the "haters" than they'll let on, though.

So until it does/doesn't happen, just keep on rationalizing why you love last year's news.

I recall those "ugly as sin" (according to some) 98-02 4th gens usually are worth more than most 97's and the 97's were technically a one-year only refresh (taillights), too. So the so-called rarity in appearance may not really mean squat once the '14 populations increase. But then again, you may be right. As always, time will tell.
The only reason the 98-02s are worth more is because they have the LS1 instead of the LT1. In my opinion, give me a 93-97 with a LS1 and I'd prefer that over the guppy mouthed 98-02 (although I did own an '02).

If the LT-1 makes it into the 5th gen, then of course there will be considerable depreciation of the LS3 cars. As long as the differences are only aesthetic, value and preference will come down to personal taste.
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