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Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
Lmao sorry.

Anyone have any insight as to how to get these to pop? I understand it's random, but does reloading the page over and over again help? LOL
I have been trying all day and even offered a guy in my office money to try and get one for me. Nothing at all today so far.....

From a post by Bad@ssCamaro

1) open IE
2) ctrl+shift+delete (clears cache)
3) goto
4) top bar / click on cars and select Camaro
5) click "Learn More"
6) change color (I don't think it's needed, but I read to do it and I did it each time)
7) scroll down and select "Build Your Own"
8) build a car - options don't matter
9) on the summary page, change the Zip Code
10) Select "Search Inventory"
11) Select "View Details". If nothing appears, go back, and select another. If nothing appears goto 3.

If nothing appears after a 2nd pass, then goto 2 and try again.

For me, I was getting the "Request a Quote" or the "Private Offer" every 2nd or 3rd pass. Once you get a response, goto 2 and start over.

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