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If there are any improvements made to HSA in the '14 Camaro, I expect that Chevy will not advertise this so it can't be seen as an admission to the fact that it does not work well for competent drivers that don't need in the first place. No offense intended, but a driver that needs this feature should prabably be driving an automatic, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Before I order a '14 1LE, I will wait to see if drivers of the '14 Camaros report any changes in the performance of this system such as the brakes releasing when the gas pedal is pressed-rather than a two second delay-or an option to disable is incorporated.

I do not want to have to use the handbrake as a work-around to prevent this "assist" system from holding the brakes when I'm READY to pull out. I can see how drivers can be made to look silly when the engine stumbles or stalls as the driver attempts to make a normal uphill takeoff and the brake calipers are still clamping the discs.

This system frustrates me and I don't even have a car equipped with it yet!
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