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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
The factory weight for the SS is 3860 lbs so if they've reduced that by more than 100 lbs the weight of the Z/28 is definitely below 3760. And based on what AO said about them removing pounds, not ounces they're probably driving hard towards 3700 or lower.

I know they've spent time with Justice Pete on suspension tricks and issues he uncovered with his Pedderized Camaros. I also have this feeling they may have spent some time looking at my project thread which was all about weight reduction... and not just any weight but specifically unsprung weight. I'm down to 3688 and that's with a full tank of gas, A/C, full factory sound system and the stock interior completely intact including the heavy factory seats, so I KNOW there's still potential areas of improvement which I fully expect they're exploring.

They've said nothing about flywheel, clutch, driveshaft. Not only reducing weight but reducing inefficiency and resistance in the drivetrain lets more power make it to the rear wheels. A stock SS is rated at 426 hp but only about 370 makes it to the rear wheels. That's 56 hp being eaten up by the inefficiency of everything between the engine and the rear wheels. I gained 9 hp to the rear wheels just by switching from the inefficient factory 2-piece driveshaft to a 1-piece driveshaft. Weight and efficiency of the flywheel and clutch play a big part too. Better oils can play a part in reducing friction which eats away at power transfer. It's going to be interesting to see what they've done with drivetrain efficiency.

Al O's dialog is extremely encouraging because it shows they have approval from the top to DO IT RIGHT. They have one of the very best people in the industry, Mark Stielow in charge. And they also have the great advantage of the fact that they make the car to begin with so they can do all kinds of things that just wouldn't be practical or possible for us as individuals to do.

I have the feeling this car's performance is not only going to surprise people, but outright shock them at what it can do. The fact you'll be able to drive it off the showroom floor with this level of performance is almost ridiculous lol.
It's a track-car. It better shock us all not being a daily driven vehicle.
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