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Originally Posted by Vgav1221 View Post
But thats not power to the floor then.

I know all i care about is how much power and torque my car puts to the floor.

Isnt the point to getting us to buy this kit is to show how much power were getting to the ground.
I don't think that is the point.

First off, he does say how much HP is being put to the ground...which is just over 400. Just not the torque.

Honestly, it shouldn't matter how the power is measured, whether at the flywheel or at the rear wheels. We all have a good idea how much power is robbed through the drivetrain, so its easy to figure out.

Also, you have to remember that your wheel and tire setup will affect the rear wheel output, along with the type of dyno you are on.

So to me...makes no difference. We have plenty of IPF threads here showing anywhere from 380 - 400+ horsepower at the wheels. No reason to think this would be any different.
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