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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
..just talkin out loud folks...if they price this baby like a growing majority is calculating then they will be cutting off our noses to spite their face <sarcasim>. 500 units...only for the elite collector and a few racers. I know the numbers, the models, the statistics, lineage, history yada yada...what would be the point of that...for a Camaro..and I am a life long Camaro guy. Also, I am a life long Camaro Z-28 guy who would like to get this model by trading in my ZL1 on it. I am getting old, can't keep everything..soooo. It's ok if it's priced to the moon, I have a ZL1 anyway. But, I don't see their logic in doing that, only if there was a sanctioned race series they were entering and needed to hit a finite limted production to get the car in. Just sayin....
hypothetically if its an outrageous price they have a few reasons to do it.

1. Because they can, they are showing off how capable they are, and how capable this car is/can be.

2. Send the 5th gen out with a bang, need some excitement with the next mustang right around the corner and the 6th gen camaro a few years away too.

3. They wanted to make this a car you can buy and go race, so props to them for doing it right.
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