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I had the shaking steering wheel issue so bad I ended up trading in my camaro SS for another Camaro. GM tried to help and I had the case escalated all the way up to the executive offices but the dealership (Classic Chevrolet, Sugarland, TX.) just made up excuses (my car hit a wall was my favorite reason because I would have remembered hitting a wall in my car.) and wouldn't address the problem unless I payed for stuff. New tires, balance, rotor work, alignment, nothing fixed the problem. None of this was needed obviously but hey they got money and that was much better than helping a customer.

Also, this dealership allowed me to drive another customer's Camaro that was left over night for an issue to see if their's had the same issue. I'm thinking I know why my car probably had problems (THEY LET CUSTOMERS DRIVE OTHER CUSTOMERS CARS.) I'd have been livid if I found out someone else was allowed to take my car out for a drive. I was extremely gentle with the person's car I borrowed because it felt wrong even being in it but they wouldn't let me test a new Camaro on the lot... (I guess this is the point where I should have asked if another person drove my car and hit that wall they were talking about while my car was there for a few days being looked at. Unfortunately I'm not confrontational.)

After 5 MONTHS of my steering wheel shaking constantly while driving and after 8 times in the shop I was told to take my car to a different dealership by GM. The dealership (Westside Chevrolet, Katy, Texas which is the WORST dealership I've ever been to. They messed up my parents Impala and took four times to fix the oil leak they caused. Unfortuantely I didn't have many more choices when it came to another dealership.) handed me my keys back and told me they wern't interested in looking at my vehicle. I told them GM said they wanted them to lok at it and get a second opinion. They once again asked me to leave because they "Didn't have the time to look at a vehicle that had been having issues at another dealership even if GM asked for them specifically."

I could have probably caused them a lot of problems with a response like that but I was so angry I drove to another dealership and traded my car in that day and got a ZL1. I'd say I ended up winning in the long run.

Yes... that was a long rant... Sorry about that.
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