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Originally Posted by jcieutat View Post
Gauges came in along with wiring harness. I just got off work, going to sleep and later try to see if the harness will work and make the gauges operate. My current stumbling block is that I need the plastic shift plate or panel. The bezel that the gauges mount in and snaps back on the top of the console. From what I'm finding, the shift plate/panel for gauges is not sold separately, although you can buy the gauges separately... ...which is what I did.

One vendor wrote back to me that the wiring is different and won't work. The harness I bought is supposed to be a 2013 part, so I'll see later if it works...

Stay tuned; same bat time, same bat channel.

Okay, ok; I know where my Camaro is now! In my driveway!

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