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RX Performance has really gone down the toilet...

okay, here's the deal. I ordered my OCC from RX Performance on April 10th. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. I was expecting to get the item a few days after I placed my order because their website says the item was in stock. I live in the central FL area which means most things come over night.

so a week goes by and no OCC. I emailed them and I was told there was a 2 to 3 week backlog on them due to them having issues with their vendor that actually makes them. so that pissed me off and I asked the person with RX why the hell does their website say the item is in stock when they obviously aren't. she then tells me they were in the process of updating their site.

here I am, OVER ONE FREAKIN' MONTH LATER and I still don't have my damn catch can. and to add insult to injury, their freaking website still shows the item is in stock. meantime I still have to drive my ZL1 daily becasue it's my DD. this pisses me off because I know I keep running the risk of getting oil vapors inside my intake system by not having an OCC.

WTF? what kind of business practice does these kinds of things?
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