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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
The concern isn't as much that somebody eventually will run this car at the dragstrip as it is that there are people who would shift the Z/28's publicly-perceived focus away from its road course intent.

Placing so much emphasis on dragstrip stats skews the way the car is viewed even within the enthusiast segment. ETs and trap speeds is one thing, but as soon as you mention 60' times you've shown a clear dragstrip focus and a desire to make a dragstrip car out of the Z/28. That's where the objections lie.

On edit, simply opening it up in a straight line isn't challenging enough for some of us.

Worst downstream case would be for Chevy to listen to the dragstrip moaners about how 7 liters and 500+ HP wasn't performing in a straight line up to expectations, and they proceed to soften the road course capabilities to crutch the dragstrip numbers as a result.

"Standard measuring sticks" aside, we don't all have the drag racer's outlook and don't even think the same way. Suppose the corner-carvers here had asked what skidpad and slalom performances could be expected from the COPOs? With the implication being that some whining would result if those measurements came in below the performance level of, say, a base SS. That's what concentrating on dragstrip results for the Z/28 and hinting at comparisons to the ZL1 sounds like as heard out toward the other end of the enthusiast spectrum. Try to understand.

Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
It's not that people are opposed to it being tested at 1/4 mile track, it's the notion that there are some people think that the Z/28 should dominate at the 1/4 mile track if it's the new king. This car was introduced as the ultimate Camaro road course car, Have you not heard or seen Jerry Ruess' introduction for the Z/28? He clearly states what the objective of the car is for. The majority of people here already know that.
I'm not advocating that anyone would buy the Z28 for the drag strip...far from it. I suppose the majority of buyers will certainly be from the road racing enthusiast bunch. But, there are surely many who will run the "strip" since it's cheap to do and you can put the pedal to the metal legally. Definitely fun and the Z28 will do well against most stock factory cars. I would almost bet the first 10 magazine tests on the Z28 are drag strip oriented tests.

If I were going to Europe again (spent 13 years of my life there), there's no question what car I would take. The Z28 would be right at home and leading the pack on some of the Alpine roads I've travelled, not to mention my 20 some laps on the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, those kinds of driving experiences cost you $300+ for a track day in the US if you live close to a course...that kinda limits the experience to the wealthy few.
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