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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Hope you're right....that would be a great scenario....but just thinking, I would have thought that sort of thing would have happenened already with the ZL1, 1LE, Boss 302, etc....If the Z/28 is what it takes to get things over the hump, that would be awesome....
The magnetic suspension of the ZL1 takes it out of the running for a series car. The rules for a production series are pretty strict to prevent one team from having an unfair advantage over the others. The 1LE and Boss 302 are really just street cars with track packs; they're good but not intended to run an entire year-long series. All those cars are perfectly fine and affordable for the average weekend racer. So why the sudden showing from Chevy and Dodge for these new pull-out-all-stops track cars? Maybe I'm just being too curious but it seems odd to me unless something else is in the works that hasn't been announced yet because it's not ready.

A car like a Z/28 and whatever Dodge is developing is going to be capable of running an entire manufacturer's series with the extreme demands such a series has. That's why I'm hoping such a series is soon to be. I'm basing that hope on what I'm seeing in the Z/28 and the fact that Dodge who's basically been a non-participant in the Camaro/Mustang wars, suddenly announces they're jumping in at the Z/28 level. If that's such a limited market, then why go to the expense of getting into it? I'm feeling there just HAS to be something else going on here for all of this to make sense. And I won't at all be surprised if Ford makes an announcement of a genuine track Mustang in the near future. If they's good times for performance enthusiasts.

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