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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post

basically have to get whatever you can find at the dealerships now.
This ^^ is incorrect, although it's been posted by several in diff places in the forum.

I confirmed with Becky @ Rodgers on Thursday, 5/9 : orders can still be placed if a dealer has allocation.

Originally Posted by H0peful1 View Post
I contacted the queen of all Camaro info/my favorite Camaro salesperson, Becky, and here's what she said today:

"The 19th was the last day for unallocated sold orders - orders dealers could take without needing any Camaro allocation to place them. This week and next are the last for allocated orders. So if the dealer has Camaro allocation they can place a sold order against it."

Check Becky/dealerships for allocation quick, and good luck!
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