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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
Got it installed today, and the core goes out today or tomorrow. Adding this and the Maggie CAI Inc. CAI made a big difference in appearance under the hood.

Thanks Ivan!

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Killer pic of the Maggie CAI and VMax CNC TB working in unison!! Thank you again for the support!

Just to keep it fresh for those still looking/asking....

Yes you can use and will see an improvement on your ZL1 by using a standard LS3 CNC Vmax TB. The 87mm that comes on there works and we can offer that to ya for sure, but for the same price, you can actually see an improvement in power by installing one of the LS3/L99 units.

Been selling a boatload of them and everybody from Florida to California has seen a gain. Almost impossible to keep them on the shelves again. Thank you!

Real world, good to know, bang for the buck.

Passing the word and here's where ya get yours!!


Painted to match!

Thank you Camaro5 and appreciate the support!
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