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Originally Posted by JJKJ View Post
In my opinion, give me a 93-97 with a LS1 and I'd prefer that over the guppy mouthed 98-02 (although I did own an '02).
Then my point was made. You didn't exactly like the looks of the 02, but you at least admitted to owning one. So the "ugly" wasn't ugly enough to keep you from buying one eventually, regardless of the engine choices. I admit too that the 98's look at first blush was "wtf?" but when I saw one in person, it wasn't as bad as I first thought.

So my point stands, and it would be interesting to see a "It's too ugly- I'll never own one" list today for the '14s and then compare who's on that list 12 months from now and see if they hold true to their word. I'd bet there'd be more than one person to change their opinion.
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